Desktop applications
Sapphire Notes
November, 2020

A cross-platform desktop application for managing notes


C# , .NET Core , Avalonia


Wanted to take a swing at cross-platform desktop dev with this fairly obscure .NET framework Avalonia.

Web applications
Personal Assistant
October, 2019

An ecosystem of PWAs


C#/F# , ASP.NET Core , PostgreSQL , Dapper.NET , RabbitMQ , Linux (Ubuntu) , Aurelia , TypeScript , SASS , PWA , IndexedDB


Wanted to learn more about PWAs and build something powerful enough that I myself will use every day.

Smoke Tracker
October, 2021

Track your smoking habits


F# , ASP.NET Core , PostgreSQL , Svelte , TypeScript , SASS

July, 2021

Finally, a metronome that allows you to create and manage multiple tempos


TypeScript , Svelte , SASS

Compound Interest Calculator
January, 2020

A compound interest calculator


C# , Blazor (WebAssembly) , Linux (Ubuntu) , PWA


Wanted to see the possibilities that a framework like Blazor (specifically WASM) offers.

Debt Resolver
March, 2017

Take debt and minimize the number of necessary transactions to resolve it


Aurelia , JavaScript (ES.Next) , SASS


Built this in order to better familiarize myself with ES.Next and Aurelia (my SPA framework of choice). Also, my first project with SASS. All in all, a great learning experience.

My Routine
March, 2016

Progress-tracking tool for people learning an instrument


C# , ASP.NET MVC , SQL Server , Entity Framework , Knockout.js


I stared building it for convenience since I'm learning the guitar and I like to automate things in my life as much as I can. But as I was working through it I realized how much of a learning experience it could be so I pushed myself into building it with many technologies that I'd been hyping myself to try.

In the end I learned a lot and it's probably the most quality work I've ever done on a web app.

Soccer Streamlined
October, 2017

A browser extension for live soccer streams




Made this in order to learn about browser extensions. Started building it in JavaScript but it quickly became unmanageable so I took the opportunity to learn TypeScript and I rewrote the whole thing. The difference in readability and maintainability was night and day.

November, 2015

Yet another JavaScript library for handling dates


A JavaScript library for handling dates. It is less than a quarter of the size of Moment.js and it can do pretty much all the things developers usually use Moment.js for.

I developed it when I was a junior developer to better familiarize myself with (the pitfalls of) the JavaScript Date object.