Hello there!
I'm a .NET Developer (usually) focused on web applications. I love learning and there's always something to learn in this industry. I program at work and then I program at home. An expert at sitting in front of a computer.
Work experience
January, 2018 - Present


C# , Azure Service Fabric , WPF , WCF , Git , Visual Studio Team Services , Scrum

What I'm doing

Will soon be found out.

December, 2016 - December, 2017


C# , ASP.NET MVC , SQL Server , Entity Framework , JavaScript , Durandal.js , Team Foundation Server , Visual Studio Team Services , Scrum

What I did

I was a part of a distributed (Macedonian/English) team that worked on a large web application called The Claims Cloud. We, as well as everybody else in the company followed a strict scrum methodology that helped us remain organized in the face of a complicated insurance industry.

My daily work included both front and back-end programming with all of the technologies shown above. We used Visual Studio Team Services to track our progress and we did code reviews to keep the technical debt to a minimum.

March, 2014 - December, 2016


C# , ASP.NET MVC , ASP.NET Web Forms , SQL Server , Entity Framework , PHP , Laravel , MySQL , JavaScript , Git , Team Foundation Server

What I did

Most of my time was spent adding new features to existing applications aka maintenance. The nature of my responsibilities involved both front and back-end or what in the programming world is known as full-stack. It's made me become very comfortable with all layers of development - back-end, front-end and databases.

European University - Republic of Macedonia
2010 - 2013
Bachelor of Software Engineering (B.SE.)

What I learned

I built multiple applications while I was a student and did a ton of essays as additional learning material.

My graduation project was a web application for auctioning written in PHP. The purpose was to explain all of the technologies involved in building a web application, from designing the database to writing the back-end code.

Honors & certifications
Student scholarship
February 2013
Macedonian Ministry of Education and Sciences

During my third year of IT studies, I was awarded a student scholarship of type B for students doing bachelor studies. The scholarship was awarded on the basis of an 8.1 grade average.